Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FSIL grad teaching community health in Gressier, Haiti

We've received a report from Dr. Tim Bristol in Haiti, who talks about the community general health program being taught at FSIL nursing school. How rewarding to hear the progress of this program!

Fourth year students are taking part in a community health clinical in Gressier, Haiti, with assistance from Dr. Tim Bristol, visiting faculty at FSIL Nursing School in Leogane, Haiti.  
This particular clinic serves the community in general health and in cholera treatment and prevention. Their instructor, Ogenus Mirvline, is a 2009 graduate of FSIL. Over the course of the program, they have worked in many different clinical environments. These include rural hospitals, city hospitals, the yard of the nursing school (during the earthquake of 2010), the back of trucks and clinics. Their focus on community and public health is vital to Haiti's future. With a severe shortage of trained nurses and doctors in Haiti, their skills are going to prove very valuable nationwide. The other crucial aspect of this part of the BSN nursing program is that there is very little access to primary and preventative care. So healthcare needs to focus on community and public health.

After graduation in October of 2012, these students will be integrated throughout Haiiti's healthcare system. Currently FSIL alumni are serving in areas such as community health, acute care, surgery, and even nursing education. With over 90 students enrolled at any given time, this school is definitely a crucial part of Haiti's future.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Facebook Friends times 10

I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are to have so many fans of our Haiti Nursing Foundation Facebook page. 630 fans, to be exact, and the number keeps growing.

That made me think - if each one of our Facebook fans donated $10 to our cause, it would be enough to pay for one full year of education at FSIL nursing school for TWO nursing students!

10 dollars

630 Facebook fans

$6,300 for 2 nursing students in Haiti.

Enough for all their tuition and expenses for one year, plus a little extra - maybe to pay for gas to drive the vans to clinical rounds and mobile health care clinics.

Enough to buy an apple for the teacher - or better yet, a mango.

When you see what these nursing students are doing to help improve the health their fellow Haitians, you'll be inspired. And you'll be grateful that you could help in such a tangible, meaningful way.

We're making it as easy as possible to make a donation, so you can either go to our Facebook page and click on the Causes link on the left, or go to our website and make a donation here

If you'd prefer to support the United States Postal Services, you may mail a check to us at:
PO Box 3008
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3008

Friday, December 9, 2011

A $700,000 vote of confidence in FSIL Nursing School

Wow. Talk about a vote of confidence! In these very difficult times where there are so many needs all around the world, FSIL nursing school was awarded a $700,000 grant from USAID/ASHA,* applied for through the Medical Benevolence Foundation in Houston.  The money could have gone to literally thousands of different projects, but the US government chose the nursing school in Leogane because of its proven track record of success!

The funds will be used to build a guest house (that visiting faculty will be able to use!) and expand the library.

This does so much to ensure that FSIL nursing school will continue to thrive and grow in the coming years, playing an important role in quality nursing care and education in Haiti.

*United States Agency for International Development
American Schools and Hospitals Abroad 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Blogging for Haiti over the holiday season

We'll be providing you with special blog updates throughout the month of December, alerting you to ways you can get involved with Haiti Nursing Foundation and the activities we support in Haiti.